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MAREBOX Final Project Meeting

The 3rd and final meeting of MAREBOX project was held on Wednesday 22nd December 2021. Similarly to the previous 2nd technical meeting, it was conducted online. The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the pending tasks and any issues related to the project. The meeting initially elaborated the progress of project activities and pending tasks until the completion of the project.

The meeting started with the To-Do list of the previous meeting. An overview of the assigned tasks to each partner was made, including those completed, ongoing and pending. After a short break, University of Oslo (project partner) updated the partners with the progress of the 2 AR applications and videos about Peristera and Phalassarna.

During the meeting, 3DR (project partner) made an overview of the opening event and the final exhibition in Cosenza. The meeting also focused on issues that came up during the preparation of the exhibition in Cosenza and regarded the installations. After discussing in detail and exchanging facts and opinions, all partners agreed that for the success of the MAREBOX exhibition everything depends on the efficient communication among partners and especially with the participating teams.

Before the official closing of the meeting, ATLANTIS, as the project coordinator, thanked all partners for their cooperation and efforts to overcome any difficulties and complete successfully the project tasks.

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