Phalasarna 1941 – Dry diving to a World War II wreck

Phalasarna 1941 is an experimental application exporing Augmented Reality (AR) storytelling in the context of submarine cultural heritage, the notion of ‘dry diving’ and historical reconstruction. It was developed as part of the EU Marebox–project, using the Sitsim AR–platform.

The Phalasarna 1941 AR situated simulation is based on Dr. Michael Bendon’s book ‘The Forgotten Flotilla and includes a ‘dry dive’ to the World War II TLC wreck and a reconstruction of how it was attacked by German bombers during the Battle of Crete in May 1941.

The wreck is located at the archaeological site of Ancient Phalasarna in Western Crete, which is under the protection of the Greek Ministry of Culture (ΥΑ ΥΠΠΟ/ΑΡΧ/Α1/Φ25/61214/3228/20-12-1994 – ΦΕΚ 23/Β/17-1-1995).

A paper about the project: ‘Augmented Reality Storytelling Submerged. Dry Diving to a World War II Wreck at Ancient Phalasarna, Crete’ by G. Liestøl, M. Bendon and E. Hadjidaki-Marder is available online.

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