Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Intellectual Property/Rights/Licenses

A: Yes the actual piece of art remains under the creators’ property…In case of using equipment for the exhibition e.g. projector, lighting installation etc. the equipment remains under the ownership of MAREBOX. There is a potential for using participants’ artwork in more exhibition spaces after the duration of MAREBOX project, but the work will be used only after a new agreement with each participant.


A: Production costs can reach a maximum of 1.450 euros. The number can be slightly increased depending the participation. Every application will be assessed individually. It must be noted that all expenses the participant makes need to be invoiced to partners of MAREBOX. The partners will be in direct communication with participants to handle details for production needs, costs and invoicing.

Production costs include material, travelling for documentation, software license fee etc. Equipment needed for participants’ work must be declared in the application and it is under MAREBOX responsibility to provide. Any equipment will remain under the ownership of MAREBOX.

A: It can be part of the available production costs (1.450 euros for each team). So, it is a matter of choice from the side of the applicant/participant to allocate budget.

A: Equipment needs must be declared in your application. Costs on equipment are covered by MAREBOX. Other costs that are linked with the production of your work are under production cost limits.

A: Extra time can be given in some cases but it can not exceed one month after the Residency. The priority is to finish the work in the Residency. But in some cases we can allow a max of one month remote work after the Residency.

A: Yes the cost for transporting the artwork in the various exhibition locations is covered by the MAREBOX project, but since there is a limited budget for such kind of costs it is important to ensure that the artwork can be easily packed and shipped.

A: It can happen in case it can be covered by the available production costs of 1.450 euros for each team.


A: Since the exhibition will be installed in three different locations for about a month in each location, it has to be intended as an installation setting. The concept of the project is to build “an exhibition in a box” that can be transported and hosted anywhere in the world.

A: Materials and equipment can include everything that can be easily acquired on the market. The related costs have to be included in the available budget. Artworks should be easily packed and shipped in the different locations. Technical support (3D printing, workshop, 3D modelling, etc.) could be provided on request depending on the specific needs. For more information on production costs, please also advise answer number 3.

Other Topics

A: Digital techniques for Art (video, VR, audio, lighting etc.) under the Water Weighs subject is the focus of the exhibition.

A: The materials provided under MAREBOX can be only used under MAREBOX project. In case you want to use it further you need the necessary permission to use by the creators. MAREBOX cannot cover any expenses for any other exhibitions. A specific agreement should be signed in order to use the material in future exhibitions after the end of MAREBOX project.

A: You can provide your work, under the Call for materials if you want other participants to work on. Or you can apply to work on an alternation of your existing work under the prism of MAREBOX thematic focus.

A: The Residency takes in charge the round flight, the accommodation and the production of the work.

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