Call for raw materials

MAREBOX project (614735- CREA-1-2019-1-EL-CROSS-SECT-INNOVLAB) co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Commision (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) is pleased to announce this Call, aimed to collect “raw materials” to be used by artists for the creation of the artworks during the residency programme in the context of the Water Weighs open call (more information here).

Developing cultural, artistic, innovative and audience-centered experiences on the topic of underwater culture, is the key objective of MAREBOX Project. Through artistic view and exhibitions, we want to enable the protection and promotion of European Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH), which is not easily accessible to the wider public, and the raising of awareness on the current challenges of the Sea (from marine pollution, to migration routes, ghost gear, etc.). Through the open call for artists, we aim to:

  • Bring an artistic view to highlight and raise awareness of the current challenges of the European Sea.
  • Create greater openness to partnerships between arts, culture, science and the business industry with a mission to promote and protect maritime cultural and natural wealth, making it accessible to the public.
  • Connect people with their past, their present and future, through the long-term survival and accessibility of common European maritime heritage.

Artists and People will be selected to join the project and create digital or hybrid artworks, aimed to create innovative and audience centered experiences that can be displayed in spaces around Europe.

The “raw materials” will be collected into a database and made available to Artists and People to be freely used in their artworks.

The Exhibition

The designed Exhibition will display digital technologies and replicas of artefacts jointly used to communicate the relationship between the European cultures and the Mediterranean Sea. The Exhibition will be hosted in 3 exhibition spaces in Europe for a month and it will be curated by SAVVY Contemporary (project partner).

  1. Cosenza, Italy 
  2. Alonissos, Greece.
  3. Berlin, Germany

The exhibition can be potentially transferred within various locations around Europe after the project.

Core Theme

We invite Institutions, Research teams, Museums, Engineers, Video Makers, Archaeologists, Scientists, Artists, Activists etc. to submit materials of the following categories:

  • Physical (e.g. 3D printed replicas from objects recovered from the seabed, artworks, marine litter, etc.);
  • Digital (e.g. photos, videos, 3D models, audio recordings, voice-overs, musical compositions, audio effects, documents, illustrations, digital paintings, animations, etc.);

The submitted material should fit with one or more subtopics (ancient commercial routes, ancient and contemporary migration phenomena, maritime pollution etc.) connected with the main topic: the Mediterranean Sea as a witness of human life and as a bridge between cultures. 

The European seabed hosts remains of human traces that cover more than 5000 years of European history. Starting from the ceramic remains of the ancient trade routes up to the remnants of ships and airplanes from the two World Wars and the shipwrecks of refugees that try to reach the European coast, escaping from war and the poverty, to the enormous quantity of debris resting in the European waters as a result of the modern lifestyle and economic activity (shipping, tourism, yachting etc.). The evolution of European history up to the modern days, creates time capsules that narrate unique stories of trade, war, migration, degradation of marine environment (incl. cultural and natural heritage) from human intervention etc.

Materials requirements

Materials should be in English, Italian, Greek, German or Norwegian languages, but other languages are welcome.

Materials should respect the following guidelines:


  • For physical items: the weight shouldn’t be more than 50 kg; dimensions shouldn’t exceed 2x2x2 meters; the packaging should be appropriate to the weight and size of the item (the project will not be liable for any damage caused by an inappropriate packaging during the transport).


  • For videos: preferred formats are mp4, mpeg4, mov, avi, wmv; size should not exceed 5 GB; resolution shouldn’t be less than 720p (HD) or more than 2160p (4K); framerate shouldn’t be less than 25fps; more videos should be archived in a zip file. 
  • For audio files: preferred formats are mp3, wav, wma; size shouldn’t exceed 500 MB; framerate should be of 44 and 48 kHz; Depth shouldn’t be less than 16 bit.
  • For images or vectorial artworks: preferred formats are jpg, png, tiff, svg, eps, pdf; size should not exceed 1 GB; resolution should be the highest as possible (within a maximum of 300 dpi); more images or vectorial artworks should be archived in a zip file. 
  • For 3D models: preferred formats are obj, fbx, dae; textures and models should be archived in a zip file.

Anyway, items of any other size, weight and digital format are accepted.

Submission Procedure

All the submissions must be electronically sent at with subject line: Raw Materials for WATER WEIGHS.

Each material must be accompanied by a declaration to reuse data within the context of the MAREBOX project. Physical items submission should be also accompanied by a shipping receipt.

The submission documents must be written in English.

Necessary documents:

  1. Annex I – Description form of the submitted material and List of Credits (download it here)
  2. Annex II – Declaration of Reuse (download it here)
  3. Shipping receipt (for physical items)

Deadline for submissions: 31st of March 2021

Time plan

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