Report on the exhibition in Cosenza

The third phase of the Marebox Exhibition, hosted in Cosenza (Italy), in the beautiful XIII century complex of San Domenico, will stay open beyond the term of the project, until the end of April 2022. It has received more than 100 visitors, so far. The most part joined the exhibition between December and January, especially […]

Water Weighs Exhibition opens in Cosenza

Last Monday evening, the 20th December, at 18.30, the Water Weighs exhibition opened (literally) its doors in Italy, at the BOCS Museum, in Cosenza, the same city that hosted the Artistic Residency last June 2021. The flow finally returned to its origin. Subtitle: corporalità sommerse (submerged corporalities), a homage to the different approaches that each […]

Successful completion of the MAREBOX Art Residency

The Art Residency of MAREBOX Project, took place at the BoCsArt complex in Cosenza, Italy, from June 21st to July 2nd, 2021. The event was organized by 3D Research, a branch of the University of Calabria, in collaboration with Savvy Contemporary in Berlin and Atlantis Consulting in Thessaloniki.

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