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Water Weighs Exhibition opens in Cosenza

Last Monday evening, the 20th December, at 18.30, the Water Weighs exhibition opened (literally) its doors in Italy, at the BOCS Museum, in Cosenza, the same city that hosted the Artistic Residency last June 2021.

The flow finally returned to its origin.

Subtitle: corporalità sommerse (submerged corporalities), a homage to the different approaches that each artistic team use to explore the project theme: the sea, the Mediterranean Sea, its mystery, its power and, also, its tragedy.

There are the living corporalities of The Sunken Lighthouse, with their acute and talking voices, who constantly remember to the visitors the existence of a whole life under the sea; or the ancient, mythical and mysterious corporality of Toledo Navalis, in From the Belly of the Warms, that is also an introspective voice, a submerged consciousness who emerges to claim its role.

There are the submerged shipwrecks of Il naufragio inizia da qui, and the human, physical corporalities who claim their place over and beyond the sea; there is the corporality of the rivers, their choral and multiple voices, physically represented in the long fabrics of Intersecting Mediterranean(s) from the perspective of its Regional Rivers.

There are the submerged and bulky corporalities of Something falls apart – 1mm a decade, hidden into the deep sea and at the deepest point of our recent history; or the dystopian corporalities of Correspondent Species or, more, the fluid corporalities of Expansive shorelines: on falling and landing in place, meeting places between sky, earth and sea.

 There are the traditional, subdued voices of the sailors, in Songs of Bahara, and the multiple, contrasting voices of This flows shall not be contained, with its submerged politics and boundaries.

There is the tribal, howling corporality of the traveller, into the Liquid Stone Libations Ritual Prayer.

At the opening event took part the whole 3D Research team, who curated this final step of the Marebox project, the director of the BOCS Museum, Marilena Cerzoso, and two representatives of the Municipality of Cosenza, already involved in the Residency Programme.

After the ritual ribbon-cutting ceremony, the participants had the chance to visit the exhibition, placed on the second floor of the ancient Monastery of San Domenico that hosted the Museum, guided by the 3D Research staff.

The exhibition will stay open to the public during the Holiday Time and until April 2022, from Tuesday to Friday, from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00, with the possibility of a free guided tour.

Free entrance.

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