MAREBOX 2nd Project Meeting

The second official meeting of MAREBOX project, was held online, on Wednesday 17th November 2021. The meeting was completed successfully with great contributions from all partners. The meeting initially elaborated the progress of project activities and pending tasks until the completion of the project. The 2 AR/VR applications and the promotional video to be developed […]

Report on the exhibition in Thessaloniki

Water Weighs interactive exhibition was successfully completed on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, gathering positive comments from all the visitors who passed by the Emilios Riadis building of the Thessaloniki International Fair. A world premiere of 10 compositions by 22 artists was hosted with the central theme of the Mediterranean Sea and the precious but fragile underwater environment to be a timeless capsule that connects the past, present and future.
Visitors from the city of Thessaloniki and other parts of Greece had the opportunity to watch short films, to walk between fabrics, listen to sound compositions with sounds from the sea, and admire sculptures and impressive digital works of art through Virtual Reality applications.
More than 250 people visited the Water Weighs exhibition, including students from the University of Macedonia, postgraduate students from the Department of Rural Surveying Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, members of the Infinitygreece Youth Organization, as well as German students from the Hellenic-German Youth Foundation as part of a student exchange program. The exhibition was originally designed as a COVID-free event, as everyone entering the showroom was either fully vaccinated or had a recent negative coronavirus test.
The main purpose of the Water Weighs exhibition is to raise public awareness on important issues that plague the Mediterranean over time (environment, migration, social cohesion, etc.). Through their works, the artists revealed unique stories of trade, war, migration, cultural and natural heritage, degradation of the marine environment and myths of the past.
Throughout the exhibition, questionnaires were distributed to visitors where they expressed anonymous views, impressions and suggestions, thus contributing to the improvement of the exhibition in the future. All the exhibits received very positive comments, while the compositions of works with natural and digital elements were particularly impressive and aroused the interest and admiration of most visitors.
The next stop of Water Weighs exhibition will be the cities of Berlin (Germany) and Cosenza (Italy).
The exhibition was organized by Atlantis Consulting SA. and was a result of the MAREBOX Project, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union (CALL ID: Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital – EACEA 06/2019).

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