Jade Nixon

JADE NIXON is a researcher, and writer. Her work is a mix of text and crafting that centers joy and love as a theory of change. Jade is a Phd student at the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. Jade Nixon’s current proposed research aims to think with Afro-Caribbean women and Afro-Caribbean feminine-of-center people about how they understand their space-and-place making practices aboard the Ubersoca Cruise ship. More specifically, she is curious about what is made possible for Afro-Caribbean women and feminine-of-center people gathering and performing aboard the Ubersoca ship and moving across the Atlantic Ocean. Her work emerges from her own love of Caribbean Carnival and travels across the Caribbean archipelago. Nixon’s research interests are Black Studies, Transnational Caribbean Feminism, Black Geographies and Black feminist Studies. Jade Nixon is also a card maker who crafts cards of love and care for BIPOC learners, teachers, and graduate students. These cards are offerings of love and care for the most vulnerable of us.

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