Something falls apart – 1mm a decade

Something falls apart – 1mm a decade is a video-art project by Simone Kessler that palpably visualizes how the traces of past violence reverberate until today. Through an artistic simulation of the very real effect ocean-bound munition has on its surroundings, the problem is lifted from the bottom of the sea to a level where it can be collectively seen, connected to and discussed. The installation is accompanied by a quatrophonic soundscape of decay composed by Tim Huys. Three framed video stills capture representative moments in the decomposition process.

The original files of the video Something falls apart – 1mm a decade were stored on an external drive and turned into a submerged object that aptly plays with the potential of its own destruction. It has the telling title: Images of Bombs Stored in the Sea, Stored on a Hard Drive, Stored in a Vacuum-sealed Plastic Bag, Stored in Salt Water, Stored in a Plastic Bag, Signed by the Artist.

During the residency, efforts to obtain reliable information about the bombs still present in the Calabrian sea were not successful – too uncomfortable, Calabria and their connection to psychoanalysis by turning the sunk bombs into a choir from a Greek tragedy.

  • Simone Kessler, Johanna Blees, Tim Huys
  • Multi-Media Installation, Prints, Video Performance
  • MAREBOX Project - Simone Kessler | Johanna Blees | Tim Huys | Audio Editor: Ivano Masiero | Voice-over: Clara Gram, Adonis Kekidakis, Jakob Tendel

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