Roberto Noel

ROBERTO NOEL is a Peruvian-born guitarist and composer with a unique, eclectic and multi-dimensional personal voice. His musical language is the direct result of years of solid studies and professional experience in Jazz, European and World Music, and Computer/Electronic musical art forms.

He was born and raised in Lima, Peru and graduated with degrees in Peruvian Guitar and Ayacuchano Charango traditions from the Escuela Nacional Superior de Folklore JOSÉ MARÍA ARGUEDAS, having previously graduated from Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria Lima-Peru with a degree in mechanical engineering. Roberto also studied various cultural music disciplines in other South American countries including Brazil, Cuba, and Bolivia. He relocated to Europe in the 1980s, living now in Stockholm, Sweden, where he attended various educational institutions achieving degrees and certificates in Afro-American Music; MIDI & Studio Sound Technology; and Web programming. He collaborated with a wide range of artists and collaborators, among them Blanco y Negro, WAYRA, Marco Rios & Björn Afselius, BANDA DENDE, GRUPO SUAVE.

In the summer of 2020, the Paula-Noel duo connected with drummer/producer Marque Gilmore to develop
a collaboration. The trio have been conceptualizing, composing and rehearsing new music since then, as well as filming and producing recorded live performances for seven songs complete with interactive visuals, specialized lighting and effects at Roberto and Paula’s SOUNDAY PRODUCTIONS video studio in Stockholm. Two singles have now been released with the album to follow in early 2021.

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